Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bila diri rasa tak bermaya, i bake a choc cake!


May Allah bless you always, frens.

Bila diri rasa tak bermaya, saya buat kek lagi. Hmm, gayanya asyik makan aja cik Laura ni kan? Whatever!

As I wrote earlier in my associate blog, this year is a of recovery, to get rid from all demotivated issues, the unsatisfactory feeling towards that person. And a year to find me myself better and a year to be a new Laura!

So, in order to achieve this goal, I'll double my efforts. So, inilah jadinya bila rasa tension dgn tugas. I need inspiration.

And cooking always be my relief fren. Today, few hours ago, I manage to bake a choc cake... Hias pun simple2 ajer. Nk buat makan2 jer... Luckily, the taste boleh tahan sbb Laura cuba a new recipe n Laura edit recipe tu sikit. Hmmm

Sila layan yer...........